Dean Mitchell is an entrepreneur, author, and health and wellness expert who has found extreme success through working exclusively with women all over the country to help them achieve the unachievable. With his career in the fitness industry dating back to the better part of fifteen years, it’s easy to understand how he’s held every position imaginable. From scrubbing floors and fitness equipment to managing the day-to-day operations of big-box clubs, he eventually settled into his current position as a consultant for women throughout the country.  He is the co-founder of Mitchell Fitness Solutions, his premier training facility that is one-hundred percent personalized to fit his clients individual needs.

Despite the success Dean has achieved in his career, his personal life includes a dark past that most are shocked to learn about. Starting out life without his biological father and with a mother who struggled with mental illness and drug addiction, he and his two siblings grew up in a poverty-stricken environment filled with chaos and turmoil. With his mother struggling to care for herself, let alone her children, he recalls being forced to grow up extremely quickly to tend to his mother’s and younger siblings’ needs. Despite his challenging beginnings, life has continued to test his will through experiences with tragedy and loss that most of us only read about. A few of Dean’s “tests,” as he calls them, include his mother suffering a massive stroke that would leave her partially paralyzed without the use of one side of her body at the young age of forty-four. The loss of both his siblings through suicide and a drug overdose are just a few more examples of what he has had to overcome before reaching his mid-thirties.

Despite being faced with adversity that would force most to throw in the towel, it is Dean’s insatiable desire to help others that has kept him focused on his life’s purpose. His latest project is his first book, The Woman Missing in the Mirror, which is about to go into presale. He hopes through his book’s release it will help extend his reach even further, making him an ambassador for women throughout the world, convincing them of the true potential they posses by giving them the same set of his unique principles he’s provided each of his clients that has allowed so many to see their true potential and how limitless it is.