The creation of Dean Mitchell’s first book, The Woman Missing in the Mirror, began as a means to bridge the gap between a woman’s true physical potential and her ability to actually achieve it. In a deliberate attempt to not offer “just another fitness book” filled with fancy words and concepts that only a highly educated fitness professional would be able to apply, Mitchell’s intentions with the book are to provide the reader with the precise tools needed for her success while also discussing a key ingredient that he feels is overlooked in virtually every program offered today, an ingredient that has proved to set his methods apart from the rest. His “Make It Work with What You’ve Got” motto addresses the idea that you don't need to put your kids and spouse up for adoption or leave your career behind to take up residence at your local fitness center in order to achieve the look you desire. Nor do you need to put yourself on a diet that’s so restrictive on calories that it would make Gandhi look as though he’s overeating in order to see the changes in the mirror you so badly desire. You can still be a mommy, wife and social butterfly! Mitchell’s approach is simple: He teaches you how to solve underlying problems rather than continually treat your symptoms. He will coach you on how to replace a few bad habits with some new alternatives, all while applying his principles to the personal challenges you’re faced with.

His book is filled with countless stories of the women he has worked with and the challenges they’ve faced along their journeys, along with how they were able to overcome them. In his first book, Mitchell also shares his own deeply personal story outlining a dark past filled with turmoil and tragedies that most people have only been subjected to through a television screen. He shares an extremely private past that up to this point not even his closest friends knew about. It is through these stories that he is able to illustrate how easy it is to apply his principles to your own life and the challenges you’re faced with, regardless of how difficult they might seem.

Through more than a decade of training women from all ages, backgrounds and walks of life, he has developed a set of principles found in this book that have been used by countless women to achieve levels of success they never dreamed possible. His unique methods teach you exactly how to work around the hectic schedules and high demands that women face today. Whether you’re that busy mother trying to juggle the demands of raising children while maintaining a house and your marriage and you find yourself last on the to-do list. Or perhaps you’re that highly ambitious woman spending every waking second and all of your energy on a career and your climb to the top of it. Or maybe you’re the woman who’s in the later stages of life and you want to live out the rest of your days keeping up with your grandchildren and taking advantage of every opportunity the day offers to make your final memories.

Whichever woman you are, this book has within it the tools you need to take back your identity, to find that woman who’s been missing in the mirror for far too long. You no longer have to feel helpless, doomed to live out your days wearing a mask that covers the deep depression you struggle with every day of your life from feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. You no longer have to carry with you the feeling of hopelessness because everyone else and their needs come far before your own. Mitchell’s hopes for his book The Woman Missing in the Mirror is that it will spread his message to as many woman as possible that you don’t have to choose between the woman you deserve to be and the daily responsibilities you face!


My name is Devin and I am twenty-three years old.  My journey with Dean Mitchell began about three months ago after I had graduated college.  I have always been an active person, however my diet and nutrition would get in the way of the results I truly hoped to achieve.  To put it frankly, I started his program due to the fact that I didn’t have much to lose, but SO much to gain.

My goal was not to lose weight per say, but to gain muscle as well as knowledge pertaining to diet and nutrition.  I wanted to learn what to put into my body and at what times in order to see the results I have been craving for the past several years.  The program is changing my life in several ways.  As stated before I am learning how to eat properly in order to maintain and grow muscle, while at the same time deteriorating unwanted fat.  The group training I attend at his gym assists me and force me to challenge my body into forming muscles and building strength in places I never knew I could.  The support I am given on a daily basis, not only from Dean but the other individuals that attend his facility is truly motivating and inspiring.  I have already seen and felt such an improvement with my body and emotional state.  Every time I attend a session at Mitchell Fitness Solutions I amaze myself at how much stronger I get every time.  Dean Mitchell has honestly changed my life, and continues to every single day.


Dean Mitchell has changed my life in a way I never imagined. Not only am I in better shape at 47, than I have ever been in my whole life but after joining Dean’s facility a year ago I am still seeing changes everyday.  Dean has given me all the tools I need to be a healthier, better me!  He is so dedicated to helping each individual make the changes they want to see. It’s almost impossible to fail!

I described walking into Mitchell Fitness Solutions to a few of my lady friends that wanted to join after seeing my results… you walk in and it’s like going shopping for a new body.  Dean will make it happen.  All you have to do is the work! 

I remember when I joined my first thought was…  I won’t have time to get to the gym, to prepare my meals, to be in social setting and keep making changes.  WRONG!!!!  So wrong…it has become part of my everyday life!  I don’t know how I was ever able to raise my family and work full time without Dean and his principles in my life.  I am strong, filled with energy and feel amazing!  It’s not something you need to make time for, it just becomes a part of your everyday life. Without it I could never accomplish what I do in a day!

Thank you Dean Mitchell for changing my life.  Not only has he helped me achieve my goals but he has given me the tools to rebuild me from the inside out! He is not only my teacher but my dear friend.  He is a blessing to so many people who have made the change.

It’s impossible to fail with Dean… The only way to fail is if you don’t want it. Even for those that walk in wanting just a little change, the results are so unbelievable that 9 out 10 take it to a new level!  Dean and his fitness program have not only changed my life, but in the process he has given me a whole new meaning for friendship and family with the other girls in the program!  We support each other and we push each other to be the best that we can be.  Dean Mitchell you are my Angel on so many levels!!!

My friends and family can’t believe the changes I’ve made since starting Dean’s program.  My kids are so proud of me and my jeans love me too… Lol.  Dean Mitchell has a gift for customizing a plan that works for YOU.  He is dedicated to make the changes you want to see.  The before and after pics speaks for themselves!

If I could give anyone a gift, it would be the Dean Mitchell experience! A gift for life!  The only question you will ask yourself after starting the his program is…. How did I ever live without it! Give yourself that gift!

Sylvia Silvia / Hair Stylist

I am a 46 year old mother of four.  I had decided at the age 40 that I wanted to get healthy!  I worked out non stop for 5 years and tried just about every program you could imagine.  This along with a healthy diet, at least at the time what I thought was healthy.  At one point I even gave up all alcohol for 8 months thinking maybe that was the culprit.  Over the years I was noticing positive changes but just not significant enough for all my hard work.  I decided it was time to try one more program.  That is when I met Dean Mitchell and everything changed!  I remember telling him that he was my last hope to get the results I had been dreaming of and that if I didn’t after giving my all I was giving up.

It was at our first consultation that he sat me down and started asking me questions about my goals, daily nutrition intake and timing along with exercise schedule.  With that information alone he immediately told me he could help and WOW did he!  The way he explained it to me was basically that I had been starving my self and working out too much.. which went against everything that my generation, especially woman were taught.  Dean set me up on different variations of nutrition schedules which ran a course of a couple weeks for each.  I was eating more food than I ever thought possible, and was eating anywhere from 5 to 7 meals a day.  Throughout the different stages he was always there for support and help with any questions I had.  He measured me monthly to check my progress and would adjust whenever needed to help me reach the goal that I had set.  Not only did I  reach my goal but then set new ones.  I competed in my first figure competition with his support, something I have never thought in a million years I would ever be capable of.  Not only does he give you the knowledge to reach your goals, but healthy habits for a lifetime!!  It doesn’t matter your age, your lifestyle or your schedule, if your willing to put in the effort and dedication, Dean will get you the results your after with his knowledge!!  I have now been a member of his gym and program for almost two years and can’t imagine ever leaving.